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Mean girls and Australian politics. Brilliant. (x)


A google image search result for “Tony Abbott Sad” demonstrates that he has not yet mastered proper imitation or understanding of human emotions and his skin simply stretches over the reptilian flesh beneath it in a strange and menacing fashion.


Giambattista Valli Spring 2014 Haute Couture


a hole

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I shed tears for society.

Why hold on, are there actually people who can’t?

I didn’t learn until last year

I’m teaching most of my class right now, everyone has become so desensitized by digital clocks

I had a teacher that put in the effort to teach us.

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MC Kangin’s handsome smile ♥

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Giambattista Valli Spring Haute Couture 2014 

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Tony Abbott Questioned by Newtown High Students

The fact that a group of year 9 students can blunder the countries PM is pretty telling.

Tony abbot from living under his own ears

Female Student: “Why are you so against legalizing gay marriage?”
Abbott: “I’m all for people having loving permanent relationships”
Female Student: “Becaise I have a lot of friends who are gay and it’s sad to think they can never get married just because they’re attracted to the same sex.”
Abbott: “I see where this is going. Can we have a blokes question?” 

"Why do you think following in Howard’s footsteps and turning back asylum seekers is a good idea?"
Abbott: “Do you know how many boat people drowned last year-“
"Too many!" 

Abbott: “I’ll allow one more question”
Student: “Do you know it’s a human right to seek aslyum in another county?”
Abbott: [laughs] “That’s the same question as before. Another question!”

Just wanna say all these students cheered their peers when they asked these questions, and Abbott had nothing to say. 

These kids were, what, 16? And yet I’d trust them running my country more than this dibshit. 

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Australia’s minister for women

- thinks that a woman’s virginity is her “greatest gift”

- thought people should vote for him because he has “not bad looking daughters”

- told the unmarried, former PM Julia Gillard to ‘make an honest woman of herself’

- stood in front of sexist signs calling…